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Adhara, driftwood necklace, creation by Ina

Adhara, driftwood necklace, creation by Ina

PriceFrom €249.00

DiscoverAdhara, the driftwood version of our cuttlebone design, French and sustainable creation.

This elongated design is made with serrated driftwood pieces painted white or black that have naturally varying shapes and angles, hand-rolled clay beads, and hemp rope binding. Like all our models, this beautiful piece is designed and manufactured in our workshop at Fronton, in the Toulouse area.


Adhara is  available with black or natural hemp rope.

Approximate dimensions:

  • Size S: H 60cm x W 40cm
  • Size M: H 70cm x W 50cm 

Please note that the sizes shown are for reference only to give an indication of scale. They are products made by hand with organic materials and by nature will have their own variations and take their own forms.  Therein lies their beauty. We make an original design model, but focus more on each individual piece being beautifully proportioned rather than uniform in size.

S'il vous plaît  veuillez noter que ce produit est fait sur commande, comptez 2_cc781905-5cde-3194 -bb3b-136bad5cf58d_weeks for delivery.


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