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Recycled wood whale tails

Recycled wood whale tails

PriceFrom €108.00

Handcrafted piece, carved from scrap wood.

The whale's tail evokes the animal when it probes,  its tail then rises vertically out of the water for a moment.

The wood, by its veins marked reinforces its movement

Each piece will be unique.

You can ai  placed on a console as an ornament, in a bathroom or bedroom, the combinations are numerous.


  • Styles: lagum, japandi beachhouse, comptemporain, kinfolk


  • Size M: 50cm in height  over 30cm (see photo)
  • Size S: 36 cm high by 20 cm (see photo)

To note:

  • Parts made on order, delivery within 2 to 3 weeks.



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